In its over 350-year history, Merck has consistently moved agilely and innovatively. The Merck Innovation Centre was founded in 2015, in order to realize these values in the digital era.
RCKT supports Merck and the Innovation Centre in building and nurturing an innovative business culture. Alongside the internal and external positioning of the centre, continuous knowledge exchange between all stakeholders, including employees, startup founders, industry experts and politicians, is a part of this innovation culture. Regular event formats, such as the Innovators’ Club, bring the corporate and startup world to the same table, generating new impulses for all involved. The beating heart of this is the Merck Accelerator.
The accelerator combines core business, corporate culture and startups. We raised the awareness and appeal of the programme with targeted media and social media campaigns, as well as comprehensive online marketing. In 2016, Merck expanded its Accelerator internationally in order to drive global innovation forward. RCKT guided the internationalization and the establishment of the programme in Nairobi, Kenya.

SERVICE: Branding