Customer Journey

Traditional businesses need to position themselves in the context of digitalisation and constantly changing customer expectations through new digital channels and technical possibilities. An outstanding experience with the product or service is one of the highest priorities for businesses. We analyse the customer experience using data and insights and develop possibilities for optimisation with the client, in order to connect the customer even more strongly to the product.

F&B Company

Conventional B2B models for large product manufacturers are are being increasingly called into question in the age of digitalisation. Even small startups can make contact directly with end users using new sales solutions, and intermediaries such as supermarkets are becoming increasingly less relevant. For manufacturers, it is therefore increasingly necessary to develop new business models and services, as well as POSs that allow direct interaction with the end consumers or users. For a large German food producer with globally marketed product brands, RCKT developed digital product and service ideas that disrupted the classic business model and product portfolio of the company and positioned the company as a digital player. The goal was to expand the core business through new business models and to test the relevance of new digital touchpoints for users. To develop suitable solutions, we ran several Design Thinking workshops with the client, where we compiled user profiles that represented potential fields of opportunity for the company in the areas of POS, services and products.On the basis of qualitative user research in Berlin, we developed and tested solutions and prototypes across several sessions. The result of the sessions was several solutions which we are now implementing, using our own capabilities, the company’s internally available resources, and additional support from external ventures.

SERVICE: Customer Journey